“Always remember that the future comes one day at a time”

Dean Acheson, statesman


These are short seminars, which provide an extraordinary experience for a group of organization‘s people. These unique experiences of development reveal a different perception and inspire team achievements.

  » Laughter Yoga: an experience of team enthusiasm and positiveness

Duration: 4 academic hours

Trainer: certified trainer of Laughter Yoga Stepas Šafranauskas

What is it? It‘s a half a day internal seminar for a group of organization‘s employees. Unusual in its form, providing a different angle of thinking and opening opportunities for unique experiences. It perfectly suits to enliven current situation at work, to reduce negative emotions, to break through blocked thinking or team relationship barriers. The seminar stimulates a better team atmosphere, encourages freer and opener communication, reduces stress and strengthens creativity of employees. Also, it is a dose of great mood and laughter.


  » Team Mandala: an experience of strengthening of team ties

Duration: 4-8 academic hours

Trainer: psychologist Diana Bumblytė

What is it? It‘s a half or full day team activity. During it personal and team mandalas are made, which harmonize relationship of co-worker in the group. The seminar provides self-confidence, liberates positive behavior and strengthens team spirit.


  » Improvisation at Work: development of imagination, intuition and spontaneity

Duration: 8-16 academic hours

Trainer: actor Andrius Žebrauskas

What is it? The seminar is vivacious, cheerful event, conducted as active games, improvisation or mini plays, and suitable for team building and communication improvement. Such technique of leading a seminar has a certain purpose – during the playing of the game the assimilation of information is the easiest, the participants relax and in this way their creative potential (creativity, spontaneity, imagination) is released easier.

  » Team Spirit: summoning of personalities potential for mutual work

Duration: 16-32 academic hours

Trainers: Diana Bumblytė, Renata Vainilaitienė, Stepas Šafranauskas

What is it? It‘s a two day field seminar for organization‘s employees. Original exercises, creative tasks and new insights – a unique team experience, which reveals and strengthens natural abilities of a person, helps to overcome limiting barriers, to releases positiveness, communication and creativity, to unite colleagues and to summon once more organization‘s employees for mutual work.

The seminar is ment to reunite the team, and in separet groups the whole organization. It can be organized as a shorter team event as well.


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