“Every failure is a step to success.”

William Whewell


It‘s an art to improve. It‘s openness to environment, to new experiences and challenges. It‘s an ambition to change oneself and energetic steps on the path of development.


Idea of “STEP solutions for development” is to reveal advanced space of development for organization‘s people, in which they could free their internal powers for common achievements. To create an environment, in which they would overcome inner barriers, acquire knowledge necessary for outstanding work, master valuable techniques and abilities and also would not limit themselves with current situation and would become inspired to strive for exceptional things in their work and life.


Our mission – to contribute to implementation of innovations in business and society, by helping to reveal talents in organizations, to develop potential of individuals and to summon employees for mutual action.


Meaning of our logo - aspiring and self-developing individual. A person going into unexplored inner spaces and new possibilities there. That‘s a step into NEW.

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