"This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."

Neil Armstrong

Street Training (new!) 

It is said that, there‘s no time to think, when you‘re in the street. Here instincts and spontaneous reactions act. It‘s an undirected behaviour and live experience. Now and here.

„Street Training“ are specially made teaching programmes with an exclusive feature – pratical assignments are performed in the city streets full of people. This experience is a live experiment in a chosen sphere of skill development. Such form of self-improvement helps to understand events better, to overcome real challenges, to free creativity and to warrant a practical progress. „Street Training“ is full of surprises and a memorable road of development.


Oratory Art, 8-16 academic hours, Chris Nichol

Sales Virtuoso, 16-32 academic hours, Igoris Vailiauskas

Creativity Search, 8-16 academic hours, Renata Vainilaitienė

Team Synergy, 8-16 academic hours, Stepas Šafranauskas

Personal Charisma, 8 academic hours, Chris Nichol