“Ideas and strategies are important, of course, but execution is the real challenge”

Percy Barnevik, Swedish executive, former head of Asea Brown Boveri


No matter how thoroughly we would try to describe our advantages, the appreciations of our clients and seminar participants would do that much better. In this section we want to share with you comments from participants of our events.

Thoughts of participants of our seminars

  • ““Alive” leading of the seminar. The novelty of theoretic knowledge for a specific audience. I heard unexpected and interesting things. If you wouldn‘t have given examples from unique personal experience, it would be hard to believe, that such things could be achieved practically”
  • “A playful trainer. Inspires the audience. Provides a lot of material for thinking. Thank you, it was really interesting and useful”
  • “I liked direct style of leading a seminar. I felt constantly “turned on” and involved in common activities. I was surprised by unexpected tasks and trainers ability to raise interest in provided material”
  • “Yesterday, while going home, the legs themselves took me to the bookshop. You have probably already guessed which book I bought? :) Obviously the one that you suggested!!! I started reading it right in the street :) and decided to spend the weekend with this book and a pencil in my hand. Your examples have inspired me :)”
  • “I was amazed by everyone‘s good mood, optimism and wonderful feeling. I liked the breaking of existing communication boundaries and the opportunity to be myself among a big group of colleagues”
  • “I liked the way the seminar was conducted. There was no tension when unconventional assignments were given. Here I could really interact more openly, get to know and discover that, what I would be not able to do in daily life”
  • “The seminar was active and very fun. A new attitude towards usual things. Getting to know colleagues in a totally different environment, then we are used to, and in a different angle :) And a culmination was a completely new experience during creativity assignments”