“Every failure is a step to success.”

William Whewell


Nice to meet you! We are a training company “STEP solutions for development”. For our clients we offer unconventional seminars – unique in content, in its form and conducted by enthusiasts of the field. Our services help to discover organization‘s talents, develop potential of individuals and summon employees for united work.

Team experiences

Short seminars, which provide an extraordinary experience for a group of organization‘s people. These unique experiences of development reveal a different perception and inspire team achievements.

Unique seminars

Worldwide techniques of personal and team excellence. During seminars the participants are provided with universal knowledge, which is easily applied in daily work situations.

Authentic trainings

Original ways of learning and forms of people development. They provide a different experience, help to learn relevant skills and develop them more effectively in practice.

Here are only special and exclusive things. It‘s time to try out new spaces!